Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Read by Natasha Paracha

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Once upon a time there were three bears -- Baby bear, Mommy Bear, and Daddy bear

All three bears were very tidy, polite, and good natured. They lived in a cozy cottage in the forest and were very happy.
Each bear had his or her own porridge pot.
There was a tiny pot for Baby Bear, a mid-sized pot for Mommy Bear, and a great, huge pot for Daddy Bear.
And each bear had his or her own comfy chair to sit upon.
There was a tiny chair for Baby Bear, a middle-sized chair for Mommy Bear, and a great, ginormous chair for Daddy Bear.
And each bear had a bed to sleep in that was just perfect for them.
There was a small bed for Baby Bear, a middle-sized bed for Mommy Bear, and a great, humongous bed for Daddy Bear.
One morning, Daddy Bear made breakfast. But when he poured the porridge into the 1:10
three porridge pots, he realized the porridge was much too hot to eat.
“I’ve got an idea,” he said, “why don’t we take a walk in the forest while we wait for our food to cool?”
Mommy Bear and Baby Bear liked this idea very much and so the family went outside for a short walk.

Meanwhile, a little girl was also taking a walk in the forest. Her name was Goldilocks because she had thick blonde curls.
Goldilocks was a normally a good girl but she had one problem – she was very, very curious. If she saw something that interested her, she had to go find out what it was.
Suddenly, Goldilock’s came upon the Bears’ cottage.
First Goldilocks peered in at the window.
Then she peeped in through the keyhole.
It didn’t look like anyone was at home. She lifted the latch and walked in.
Inside the kitchen Goldilocks was delighted to find three bowls of porridge.
“Oh!” She exclaimed, “I wonder what that tastes like?”
Goldilocks had walked for a long time and her tummy was rumbling. “ I guess it’s okay if I just try some of it…” she decided.
First, she tasted Daddy Bear’s porridge, but it was too hot.
“Oww!” she cried out.
Next, she tasted Mommy Bear’s porridge, but that was too cold.
“Blech!” she yelped.
Finally, she tasted Baby Bear’s porridge. It was neihter too hot nor too cold.
It tasted ... just ….right.
“Yummy!” she said.
Forgetting her original plan, Goldilocks quickly gobbled down Baby Bear’s porridge.

After eating, Goldilocks felt very full.
Looking around, Goldilocks noticed the bears’ three comfy chairs. “Oh, I could rest my feet for a little while,” Goldilocks said to herself.
She went in and sat down in Daddy Bear’s chair, but the cushion was too hard.
Next she sat down in Mommy Bear’s chair, but it was too soft.
Finally she sat down in Baby Bear’s little chair, which was neither too hard nor too soft.
It felt … just … right.
“Ahh!” she said. The cushion felt nice but Goldilocks was much bigger than the chair and soon it began to cave in under her weight. There was a loud crack as the chair broke in half and Goldilocks fell on the floor.
“Oops,” she exclaimed and then she yawned, “ All that walking and eating made me really sleepy.”

Goldilocks got up and climbed the stairs to the bedroom. There, she saw three warm beds.
“Oh, I really am very tired,” Goldilocks said. “I’ll take a little nap and then go back on my walk.”
First Goldilocks lay down in Daddy Bear’s bed, but it was too hard.
Next she lay down in the Mommy Bear’s bed, but it was too soft.
Finally Goldilocks lay down on the Baby Bear’s bed.
The bed was neither too hard nor too soft.
It felt … just … right for her.
“Mmm,” she said, yawning.
Goldilocks covered herself with the blankets, rolled over and fell deep asleep, snoring away.

By this time the three bears had returned from their walk hungry and ready to eat their breakfast.
“Hey, somebody’s been eating my porridge,” exclaimed Daddy Bear. “They left the spoon standing in the bowl!”
“And somebody’s been eating my porridge,” said Mommy Bear. “There’s a whole chunk missing from it!”
Then Baby Bear looked at his empty porridge pot with the spoon lying in the bottom.
“And somebody’s been eating my porridge,” he exclaimed sadly. “And they’ve eaten it all up, too!”

The three bears went to search the living room.
“Somebody’s been sitting in my chair,” growled Daddy Bear. “The seat’s been moved!”
“And somebody’s been sitting in my chair,” exclaimed Mommy Bear, “There’s a gold hair on it!”
Hiccup at 5:50
Baby Bear stood sadly in front of his chair.
“Somebody’s been in my chair,” he cried, “And they broke it in two!”

Feeling very worried, the three good bears now went upstairs to search the bedroom.
“Somebody’s been lying in my bed,” said Daddy Bear. “The pillow’s out of place!”!
“And somebody’s been lying in my bed,” added Mommy Bear. “The sheets are all ruffled.”
But when Baby Bear looked at his bed, the pillow and sheets were both in their proper places.
However, resting upon the pillow was the tiny, golden-curled head of Goldilocks.
“Somebody’s been lying in my bed,” shouted Baby Bear. “And here she is!”

Hearing the voice of the bear, Goldilocks woke and sprang up out of bed.
She was shocked to see three angry bears on one side of her bed.
“Are you the one who broke my chair?” Asked Baby bear.
“Yes,” said Goldilocks looking down at her feet, “I guess that was me.”
“And are you the one who ate my porridge?” asked Baby Bear.
“Yes,” said Goldilocks feeling more and more embarrased, “I did that too.”
Baby Bear began to cry and Goldilocks realized her bad behavior.

“Don’t cry!”, she exclaimed. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to barge into your house or eat your food or break your chair! I’ll help you fix it.”
“But why did you do it?” Asked Daddy Bear.
“I was curious,” said Goldilocks.
“Curious?” Said Daddy Bear, “Hmm.”
“It won’t ever happen again!” said Goldilocks.
The Three Bears looked at Goldilocks and thought for a minute.
“Oh I don’t know about that,” said Daddy Bear, “ we love having guests and we’d like it if you came back again. Just ask us beforehand.”
“Really?” said Goldilocks, “Are you sure?”
“It’s okay” said Mommy Bear. “You did a bad thing but you didn’t mean any harm. And now you know -- Always ask permission before you share other people’s things.”

“And don’t forget,” said Baby Bear, “You promised to help me fix my chair.”
“Of course!” Said Goldilocks and the two went downstairs to find some glue. From then on the Bears and Goldilocks were great friends.
They even got Goldilocks her own pot for porridge, a chair, and a bed so she would always be part of the family.