A Very Brave Witch

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It’s Halloween! And this witch is excited for her favorite holiday. She loves the decorations and especially the costumes. But did you know that most witches are afraid of humans? Not this very brave witch, though. She’s done her research! Join her as she takes a closer look at humans. And when she comes face-to-face with a real human, what do you think will happen? Read on . . . and Happy Halloween!

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"You're not going to believe this, but… I'm a witch!"

"My favorite holiday?
Well, what do YOU think?"

"That's right—Halloween.
I love the decorations.
And I especially love the costumes."

"My fellow Americans…"

"You might not believe this, but most witches are afraid of humans."
"Did she say…humans?"

"Why? Because…well… humans aren't green like us.
I'm not afraid, though.
I've done my research.
Here are the facts. Strange but true:

'Most humans are afraid to fly.'
'Most humans do not wear pointy hats.'"

"'Humans are rarely known to cackle.'
Nothing too bad, except, you know… the green thing."

"It's time for this brave witch to take a closer look.
Hang on, kitty, we're goin' in!"

"Trick or treat!"
"Trick or treat!"


"Trick or treat!"
"Trick or treat!"

"What's that I hear those humans saying?"

"Trick or treat!"
"Trick or treat!"
"Trick or treat!"

"'Trick a tree'?
No one can trick a tree like me!"


"Are you okay?"
A REAL human!

"Sweet costume!"

"That was quite a spill."
I'm being touched by a human hand.

"I've always dreamed of flying…"

"Have I got a treat for you! Hop on!"

"Some witches, the very brave ones, are not afraid of humans."
"And some humans, the very brave ones, are not afraid to fly."


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  • Written by: Alison McGhee
  • Illustrated by: Harry Bliss
  • Music composed by: David Mansfield
  • Directed and animated by: Virginia Wilkos
  • A Paul Wiseman Book:
  • An imprint of Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers:
  • Text Copyright: ©2006 by Alison McGhee
  • Illustrations Copyright: ©2006 by Harry Bliss
  • Used with permission of: Pippin Properties, Inc.


  • Narrator: Elle Fanning
  • Additional voices: Ava Verszegi and Robert Varszegi

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