Belinda's Halloween

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Monsters , Holidays
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Belinda loves scaring her brother, Peter, with spooky stories even though he doesn't like them. When Halloween comes, Peter hatches a plan to scare Belinda. He dresses up as a monster to scare his sister. When Belinda dresses up like a monster too, Peter not only overcomes his fears, but he also realizes he’s a lot like his big sister.

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Rhyming , Pretend Play , Joining in Play

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Peter’s got a sister, she’s bigger than he.
She likes to adventure and loves climbing trees.
With glossy brown braids and emerald green eyes,
Peter thinks one day she might reach to the skies.
“I could be an astronaut, or a famous magician.
Become a starlet in a movie or make cakes in a kitchen.
And some day you might be just as tall as me,
We could go sailing, and discover the sea.”
“What would we find there?” asked Peter concerned.
“Why Blackbeard the Pirate,” she answered with a smirk.
“Blackbeard the Pirate?” he said looking stark.
“Nah, just shark infested waters when it gets dark.”
This was an image, that caused Peter to shudder.
What were these words his sister was able to utter?
He didn't know that she was just teasing.
A game that she sort of found really quite pleasing.
Until one day, close to Halloween,
Peter decided that Belinda was being sorta mean.
“I’ll show her,” he thought to himself. And he went
to the store, and picked a costume off the shelf.
He found one that looked, oh so scary, for he knew
that Belinda would be dressed up like a fairy.
And later that night, when the spirits were about,
He put on a mask with a very long snout.
Then Peter looked in the mirror and started to giggle,
If he shook his head, the ears would wiggle!
Now Belinda herself was in great preparation.
All excited about the upcoming celebration.
When the moon rose, and was high in the sky,
They agreed to meet, and go trick or treat.
Now the time was right, Peter crept down the street,
Hid in the bushes and waited to meet,
His trickster sister, and accomplish his feat.
The moon was full, a real pale yellow.
And Peter was dressed like a monster-like fellow.
When through the door, came not a fairy,
But something much, much more scary.
It had horns and fur, and claw-like feet. It grimaced
and groaned as it clomped down the street.
The monsters it seemed were exactly the same.
Peter and Belinda enjoying a game.
Peter jumped out with a “bre ha-ha-ha,”
To which Belinda answered, “that’s so la-dee-da!”
“So la-dee-da? Whatever do you mean?
You copied my costume, or so it would seem.”
“Your costume? I thought of mine first.”
But just then Belinda started to burst...
With laughter, and merriment and all things so jolly.
Then Peter chimed in realizing their folly.
For each in their own way was ever so clever.
Both brother and sister... always and forever.

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  • Written by: Ariane Smith
  • Illustrated by: Laura Gonzalez


  • Narrator: Ariane Smith