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What to do? What to do? Creepy the Beast finds it hard to snoop when he’s got the flu. Follow Creepy as he sneaks and slinks and scrabbles, trying to find the perfect solution for his sniffles—stroganoff stew! Yes, that will do. Kids can try to read along with these alliterative tongue twisters while Creepy the Beast finds a cure for what ails him.

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Slinking through slime one soiree snooped Creepy the
Beast in a snorty, sniffling sort of way.
It’s hard to snoop when one has a sniffle, shushing
Through shrubbery and scrabbling through scriggles.
Sniffling, slithering and slogging while sneezing.
Snorting and snarling while sneaking.
Aaaaaaa Chooo!
Skimble-scamble, skimble-scamble, skimle-scamble,
Aaaaaaa chooo!
Poor Creepy the Beast had come down with the Flu.
What to do... what to do... what to do?!!!
Go stroppily searching for stroganoff stew?
Stroganoff Stew? Yes, that would certainly do.
Soothing and succulent stroganoff stew.
So off went the scavenger scrounging quite scrappily.
Now sore throat scratchy, scowling and scraggily.
With a snort and a sneeze and a choo-choo-achoo! Poor
Creepy the Beast had come down with the flu.
Sauntering slowly a scent reached his snifter...
Something quite scrumptious like stroganoff stew?
Schnozzle was right! Up ahead was a slew
Of soothing, scintillating stroganoff stew.
So off he went scrambing, then slurping and slershing
Steamy, soothing sizzling stew.
So soothed and quite sleepy, Creepy the Sleepy
Slumped off to slumber and started to snooze.
More sweet spicy dreams, of stroganoff stews.

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  • Written by: Ariane Smith
  • Illustrated by: Laura Gonzalez


  • Narrator: Ariane Smith