Dinostory: The Egg

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In this excerpt of Mike Whitla’s Dinostory: The Ultimate Dinosaur Rock Opera, the story begins when a triceratops egg rolls out of its nest. The egg hatches under the sun, and the little triceratops must now travel out into the world and figure out where it belongs.

Learning Concepts

Observation , Habitats , Life Cycle (frog, caterpillar)

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An egg is laid and sits in a pile in a nest.
On the side of a hill,
they lie very still and they wait,
seeing what time will create.

An egg, it falls and rolls down the side of the hill,
sits in the sand,
warmed by the sun where it rests
far from the eggs in the nest.

An egg, it cracks, and out comes a baby dinosaur
with three tiny horns.
On the day it was born, it peeks out,
wondering what this world’s about.

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  • Music and lyrics by: Mike Whitla
  • Published by: Rock'n'Rainbow Music Publishing