Find It: A Halloween Party

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Find Its , Monsters , Holidays
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Read & Play , Read It Myself
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It’s Halloween! I’m going to have a party for my friends. I need your help to find everything for the party. First, we’re going to decorate the house with spooky Halloween decorations. Then, we’ll put out all the yummy snacks. Mom is going to read a scary Halloween story. Which one should she read? Finally, my friends will arrive in their great costumes, and we’ll have a ghostly good time! Join us in this interactive story about my favorite time of year!

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Differentiation/Discrimination , Matching

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It’s Halloween! I’m having a Halloween party for all of my friends. I’m going to be a witch! I can’t wait to see how my friends dress up. Let’s get ready for the party!

We need to decorate the house for the party. Where are my spooky Halloween decorations? Will you help me find them? Find a spiderweb, a ghost, scary trees, a pumpkin face, and a black cat.

I’m sure my friends will want some snacks to eat at our party. Let’s get some yummy Halloween treats. Find the bat cookie, the gummy snakes, the scary finger cookies, the owl lollipop, and the mummy sandwich.

My mom is going to tell scary stories at our party. Help me find all the perfectly scary stories for her to read. Find a zombie story, a vampire story, a skeleton story, a creepy house story, and a wild animal story.

Look! All my friends are here. Happy Halloween! Look at all the great costumes they are wearing. Find a princess, an astronaut, a dragon, a cowboy, and a construction worker.

Thanks for helping me get ready for our party. My friends and I had a ghostly good time! My favorite part was being a witch. What are you going to be for Halloween?

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  • Written by: Sharon Bilman
  • Audio by: Bang
  • Copy edited by: The Linguistic Edge
  • Co-produced by: Jee Hae Lim (Kyowon)


  • Girl: Zoe Considine

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