The Glue Monkeys Build a Big Rig

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Meet the Glue Monkeys—Mac, Shelley, and Dale—the best mechanics in town! Their garage is crammed with boxes stuffed with jump ropes for the kids at the playground. How are they going to deliver them all? They’re the Glue Monkeys and they’ll do what they do best—build a big rig! There’s only one problem, Dale gets quickly distracted by the jump ropes and has trouble focusing on his parts of the job while helping his friends build. Will all the jump ropes get to the playground? Read along to find out and to see how you can help!

Learning Concepts

Focus and Self-Control

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The Glue Monkeys are the three best mechanics in town.

They’re always in their garage building and fixing cars, planes, trains, and just about any other vehicle you can imagine.

They usually keep their garage pretty clean, but today it was stuffed with boxes.

And the boxes were stuffed with jump ropes.

And all of that stuff was making it hard for Shelley to move around.

“Mac! Remind me again why we have so many boxes,” she grumbled.

“We’re delivering them to the playground,” Mac replied.

“Every kid in town is getting a free jump rope!”

“That’s awesome!” said Dale. “But how will we get them there?”

Mac smiled and pulled a shiny wrench out of his pocket.

“We’re the Glue Monkeys,” he said. “We’ll do what we do best.”

“We’ll build a vehicle!” they all cheered.

“Today we’re building this vehicle.” Mac pushed aside a pile of boxes, revealing a giant metal frame.

“Whoa! A big rig truck! That’s perfect for delivering all these boxes to the playground.”

Shelley was excited.

Mac was excited too.

This was going to be their biggest build yet.

They couldn’t wait to get started!

But there was one thing missing—their friend Dale! Where did he go?

They searched all over the garage and finally found Dale tucked away in a corner, jumping rope.

“Hello, fellow mechanics. Check it out!”

He did the double hop, the triple skip, and the over the shoulder lumpy loop!

“Dale, we don’t have time to jump rope. If we’re going to deliver all these boxes to the playground, you’ve got to help us build the big rig truck.”

The Glue Monkeys started to build.

Shelley built the front part of the big rig, called the cabin.

The cabin is where the truck driver sits, and it has everything needed to operate the vehicle: the steering wheel, the seat, the horn, the CB radio, the navigation system . . .

“And the turbo-charged, super-V8 diesel engine!” Shelley squealed.

I could sure use some help installing it all. Want to give me a hand?

Mac built the back part of the big rig, called the trailer.

The trailer is like the trunk of a car only much bigger.

It can be shaped in all sorts of different ways to hold almost anything.

Boy there sure are a lot of options. Which trailer should we build to take all of these boxes of jump ropes to the playground?

Dale then hitched the cabin and the trailer together with a really strong cable.

He tied the cable into a knot on both ends and was about to pull it extra tight when he stopped!

He gasped!

He remembered how to do his favorite trick—the goose-loose loop with a flying-pig flip! And he just had to try it out.

It took a lot of hard and greasy work, but soon the big rig truck was finished!

“We built the big rig!” the Glue Monkeys cheered.

There was only one thing left for them to do.

They had to stack the boxes of jump ropes neatly inside the trailer.

Once that was done, the Glue Monkeys piled into the cabin and fired the loud engine right up.

“Alright, guys, let’s get these jump ropes to the playground!”

Mac hit the gas pedal and the big rig truck took off!

Up and down the road it rumbled, chugging along, towards the playground.

"We gotta drive this big rig truck to the playground!"

"And we need your help."

"Just lead the way and, with a little luck, we’ll get there in no time!"

They were going up a steep hill, enjoying the ride, when Shelley noticed something in the rearview mirror—something she didn’t like one bit.

“OH NO! The trailer is rolling away!”

Quickly, all three Glue Monkeys turned around to see the trailer rolling backwards down the road—it had come apart from the cabin!

“Quick! We’ve got to grab the trailer,” said Mac.

“Or it will roll away and we’ll lose all the jump ropes!” added Shelley.

“I can’t reach it! We need something longer!”

The Glue Monkeys tried to think of a solution as the trailer rolled further and further downhill.

Was there anything they could use?

Dale still had his jump rope! “I think this is long enough to reach the trailer!”

In a flash, he tied the jump rope into a loop, spun it rapidly around his head, and launched it towards the trailer.

The loop hooked! Then Dale tugged and tugged, pulling the trailer towards the cabin, until both parts of the big rig were back together!

“Dale, you saved the day!” cheered Mac.

“Not to mention the jump ropes,” added Shelley.

The Glue Monkeys laughed as they drove the big rig up the rest of the hill to the playground.

All of the kids cheered when the Glue Monkeys opened the back of the big rig and they saw the jump ropes. Everyone was thrilled to get a brand-new jump rope, especially when Dale taught them all how to do a goose-loose loop with a flying-pig flip!

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  • Copy edited by: The Linguistic Edge
  • Written by: Jim Nolan
  • Illustrated by: Gabriele Tafuni
  • Audio services by: Bang


  • Narrator, Mac: Paul Guyet
  • Shelley: Veronica Reyes
  • Dale: Carter Jackson

Developed and Animated By