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Welcome to Glendragon Castle! Join Mike the Knight as he takes you on a tour of where he lives with his family and friends. But wait! Where did his dragon friend, Squirt, go? Is he behind Galahad’s straw bed, in the Treasure Room with Sparkie, or in Evie’s workshop? Read along and help Mike on his mission to find Squirt. Did you see where he went?

Learning Concepts

Music , Kindness , Friendship , Problem Solving

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Hi! I’m Mike the Knight, and I’m a knight-in-training! And this is my dragon friend, Squirt.


Welcome to our home, Glendragon Castle!

This is my bedroom with many knightly things, like my archery bull’s-eye.

Bull’s-eye! Oh, you did it, Mike!

Thanks, Squirt!

If I practise enough, when I grow up I’ll be like my dad, the king!

I’ll have a kingly suit of armour, a golden crown, and a fancy shield . . . just like my dad.

Shields are my favourite knightly things.

My shields aren’t as fancy as my dad’s, but I love them.

Oh, my catapult. Let me show you!

Watch this!


Okay! Now, where was I?

Oh, Squirt, what’s your favourite thing in my knightly bedroom?

Squirt? Squirt? Where did Squirt go? Did you see where he went?

Hmmm . . . Squirt? Squirt?

Oh, hi, Galahad! Did you see where Squirt went?

You did?

By the king’s crown. That’s it!

I’m Mike the Knight, and my mission is to find Squirt! Let’s use our knightly skills and search for him.

To the stables!


Galahad, it’s time to find Squirt! Did you see where he went?

Behind your straw bed?

Not there.

Can you see Squirt anywhere?

How about over by Galahad’s ribbons?

Oh, our yellow ribbon. We won that for tricky trotting.

Galahad, you’re so talented.

Do you want me to brush your hair?

Squirt! Where?

Can you see him?


Mike? Are you okay?

Yes, thanks, Sparkie. We’re looking for Squirt.

Is he in the treasure room?

Um . . . I heard something . . .

Huzzah! To the treasure room!

Okay, Sparkie! Where did you see Squirt?


He’s not here!


Where could he be?


Behind this treasure chest?

Oh, my gold coins!

Hmm, not here. Sparkie . . . maybe by the trophies. Let’s look over there.

That’s my favourite trophy! We won it together with Squirt in the Great Race. Squirt? Squirt? Squirt?

I don’t think he’s in the treasure room either.

Mr. Cuddles!

This is my sister Evie’s pet frog. Mr. Cuddles, have you seen Squirt?

Yes! To Evie’s workshop!

Evie, we’re looking for Squirt. Have you seen him?


You’re right, Mr Cuddles! I could help you with one of my magic spells.

Evie’s a wizard-in-training. She can cast a spell.

Hmm, I could try this spell . . .

Well . . .

I know! I’ve found it! I'm going to try a reappearing spell!

Magic powers, far and near,
I can make you reappear!

Evie! That didn’t work. And now I have Squirt’s wings!

Get me down!

Oops, sorry!

Ah . . . I see what I did wrong!

Can you fix it?

I’ll try.

Magic powers, far and near,
I can make you reappear!

Evie, your reappearing spell worked! Well, it kind of worked. It looks like Evie’s spell says Squirt is in the throne room with Mum! Let’s find out. To the throne room!

Wait for me, Mike! Come on Mr. Cuddles.

Mum, Evie’s spell says Squirt might be in the throne room with you. Have you seen him?

Erm . . . I'm not sure.

Hmm. Can you see him in here?

You can?



Squirt! Huzzah!

Squirt, where have you been? We’ve been looking all over for you.

I hope you like your present, Mike! I made it!

A new shield! Is this for me? Thank you! It has everything that is special to me from the castle. Squirt was so fast! Did you see him collect all those things for my shield?

Hey, look.

Okay, Squirt, I’m ready!


It’s perfect! This will help me with my knightly training. I’ll use it on my next mission!

Well done, Squirt.


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  • Written by: Cara Lustik
  • Illustrated by: Constanthing
  • Animation by: Daniel Cardinali and Heidi Sullivan
  • Copy edited by: The Linguistic Edge


  • Mike the Knight: Isaac Rouse
  • Squirt: Russell Tovey
  • Sparkie: Colin McFarlane
  • Evie: Jessica Hann
  • Queen Martha: Beth Chalmers

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