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Garret and Gracie are contraption-making twins! Garrett watches Gracie score the winning goal at her game. This gives him the idea to make her a contraption to congratulate her. The contraption starts with a ball at the door. When Gracie opens the door, the door pushes the ball and the ball rolls towards the train. To get the train to move, help Garret choose the household item to move the train forward. Trying different choices and tinkering with ideas will help Garret make a contraption to celebrate Gracie’s goal. What kind of contraption do you want to make? Go tinker!

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“Go, Gracie!” That’s my sister Gracie. The score is 1 to 1 right now, and oh, Gracie’s got the ball! She’s running towards the goal, and BAM!
Gracie just scored the winning goal!
“Yay, Gracie! You’re number 1!”
I have an idea. Let’s run home and make something to celebrate Gracie’s win.
Are you coming?

Great game, huh? I know! Let’s make Gracie a contraption. She loves them. We’ll make one like this: each part will lead to the next. It goes all around the room. At the end, this sign will open and we’ll all say, “You’re number 1!” Will you help build it?
Great, because Gracie’s on her way home now. First, we need to find some supplies.

OK, so our contraption. Gracie is going to walk in this door . . .
Let’s put this ball right here. When she walks in, the door is going to swiiiiiing open, hit the ball, and the ball will roll over here. Hmmm, but then I want something the ball can knock over and—click—push the lever and turn the train on. Let’s try it!
Should we use this book, this box, or this sheet of paper?

The train will reach here. Then I want something to pick up the top of this box. We could make these books fall over—plonk, plonk, plonk—and, tick, that would turn on the fan. The fan will blow the air this way.
Now what will catch the air and lift the top of this box? Should we try this kite, this plastic bag, or this shoe?

OK, for the grand finale we need something to go down the stairs and open the sign. Oooh, a ball could work. We can tie the string around the ball. The ball will roll down the stairs—boop, boop, boop, boop, boop—pull the string, schwoop, and open this big banner.
But, which ball should we use? Should we use this golf ball, this soccer ball, or this beach ball?

Great contraption building! Our contraption is ready for Gracie!
“Thanks for the ride!”
And just in time. She’s here!
When she walks in we need to yell, “Surprise!” OK? Ready? 1, 2, 3 . . . “SURPRISE!”
“A contraption!
The ball rolls to the book/box, it falls on the lever, and the train is off!
Uh-oh, look out, Groucho! Groucho jumps, the books fall onto the switch and the fan is on!
The plastic bag/kite opens the box lid. BALLOONS!
They knock the board, dropping the soccer ball down the stairs.
The banner opens—‘You’re number 1’!”
“Wow, thanks Garrett! I think the confetti was my favorite part. Or maybe Groucho. I loved the whole thing!”
“I know how much you like contraptions.”
Thank you for your help. I couldn’t have done it without you. What was your favorite part?

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  • Written and illustrated by: Patrick Dorey
  • Script edited by: Sarah Haines
  • Voice direction and casting by: Ed Lewis
  • Audio services by: Bang
  • Copy edited by: The Linguistic Edge


  • Gracie: Natalie Janowski
  • Garrett: Eli Tokash

Developed and Animated By