The Secret Recipe

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This story will wake up your taste buds as two kids ponder what exactly could be in the delicious dish they can't stop tasting. From orange slices and mulberries, to dragon scales and billy goat beard, the possibilities are endless. Can they figure out the secret recipe before it’s all gone? Chef Anthony Bordain adds flavor to this delicious rhyme.

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What could it be? What could it be
That’s in this secret recipe?
Do I detect an orange slice,
Cured with just a bit of spice?
And I think I can taste a hint
Of mulberries and leaves of mint.
Or maybe something really weird,
Like dragon scales and billy goat beard
Chilled in a wild winter breeze
And churned in waves from distant seas.

I cannot tell. I cannot tell.
Another taste might ring a bell.
Perchance its name I could surmise.
Tomato Tumbleweed Surprise?
Floogenberry Cheddar Melt.
Barbequed Banana Belt.
Chewy Cherry Fizzical Float.
Potato Pizza a la Moat.
Yummy Mummy Carrot Cluster!
Rhubarb Radish Belly Buster?

I do not know! I do not know!
Perhaps another bite will show,
The secret of this recipe
That’s sitting here in front of me.
It’s bold and bland, savory and sweet,
Heavily whipped and lightly beat.
Perfect for a winter night,
Or when the summer sun is bright.
If only I could postulate
What taste makes this dish taste so great!

I wish I knew. I wish I knew.
Just one more bite, just one more chew,
Eggplant, olives, marshmallows?
Icicles farmed by Eskimos?
I have to know! I have to know!
My plate seems to be empty though!
And one more bite the answer’d bring,
but I have eaten everything.
Now I never can be sure...
Unless of course, I ask for more.

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  • Written by: Andy Roth
  • Illustrated by: Laura Gonzalez


  • Narrator: Anthony Bourdain