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Zul loves to drive his kart! It’s something he’s interested in, which makes it his passion. When it crashes, he follows his passion to fix it; he reads books, tries different ideas, and learns more about his interests. He’s so interested in what he’s doing that he even skips time with friends. He knows that through perseverance, even when things don’t work out the way he wants, he’ll fix his kart and succeed in life. Sing along to see how Zul’s hard work and sacrifice help him learn and do what he does passionately. Find out what your interest is and do it passionately!

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Earn , Be Yourself

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Drive my kart. It’s what I love to do. When I’m ridin’, I can’t get enough.
My string went snap at the turn. Now I wanna learn how to fix, but it sure looks tough.

Tryin’ this tool, that part, figurin’ out how an engine runs,
researchin’, every little thing. It’s my passion and I’m having fun.

Why you wanna fix it?

Oh, go karting’s what I’m right into.

Karts, cars, and engines galore—learnin’ somethin’ makes me want to learn more.

How you gonna do it?

Readin’ books is one way that I like to learn. Sometimes you gotta try, then try it again.

I keep on tryin’ ’cause I’m followin’ my passion: cars and curiosity.
Will not be distracted from what I wanna be.

Pizza, football—I won’t stop for these ’cause I’ve got a passion, and I’m gonna do it passionately.


Race day! Ready to go, ready to race and come in first place.

Lap by lap, takin’ all the turns, but I came in fifth.
What can I learn from this?

Changing, fixing, engineering these new boosters will have me winning.

Too much, too fast. Take it back home for another pass.

Hit it, my speed limit.

Comin’ in third, but I’m still not winning it.

Hits me, I don’t want to drive. Pop the lid and see where my interest lies.

The roar I hear, and now it’s clear. I want to be an engineer, making the engine run at its optimum, made the shift into the right gear.

Focus on my interests.

Engineering is for me.

Learn more when I’m challenged.

Think long term, your goals and dreams.

Study hard in school, and you will see if you work towards your passion,
then you should do it passionately.

You did it. I wanna do it too.
How can I do what I love to do?

Well, I worked hard, and it paid off in the end.

It took many turns, but now I’m racing ahead.

Did you feel like giving up at the start?

I learned from my mistakes, and that set me apart.

I believe you’ll find success.
(I believe you’ll find success.)

You’ve given me the tools, and I’ll do the rest.

Followin’ my passion,

learned from the mistakes I’ve made.

Focus, perseverance got me where I am today.
Sacrifices? Yes, I’ve made a few, but it’s worth it for a passion that you passionately love to do.

I love it. Passion.
Follow it passionately.

Stick with it. Passion.
Gonna do it passionately.

Find out what it is that interests you, then you’ve got a passion, and you can do it passionately.

Cha-Ching characters, images, and lyrics are licensed from PCA Life Korea.

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  • Lyrics by: Alice Wilder, Pater Capel, Sean Rach, Maggie Ng
  • Music by: Bogan Entertainment and Keegan Music
  • Animation by: Inspedia
  • Copy edited by: The Linguistic Edge

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