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I’m using my imagination to play pretend. I use my stuffed lion and pretend to go to an animal park, and my building blocks make a great pretend big city! Come pretend with me, and let’s see where our imaginations take us in this interactive story. Where does your imagination take you?

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Pretend Play , Differentiation/Discrimination , Matching

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When I play, I love to use my imagination. Pretend with me, and let’s see where our imaginations take us.

This is my lion, Koko. ROAR. We’re pretending to be at an animal park. Let’s get more animals to pretend with. Help me find them. Find a giraffe, an elephant, a parrot, a panda, and a rabbit.

I’m playing with my blocks. Let’s pretend to build a big city. Do you see my clock tower? What other things should we build? Find a building, a stadium, a subway train, a bridge, and a bus stop.

I like to play my tambourine. When I play, I pretend I am in a band. What other instruments should we play in our band? Find a guitar, a drum set, a keyboard, a trumpet, and a flute.

Let’s play with my airplane. Zoom! Do you want to pretend that we’re going on vacation? What do we need for our trip? Find a pilot, a suitcase, tickets, a passport, and money.

Using our imaginations can take us anywhere we want to go! Where is your favorite place to go when you pretend?

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  • Written by: Sharon Bilman
  • Audio by: Bang
  • Copy edited by: The Linguistic Edge
  • Co-produced by: Jee Hae Lim (Kyowon)


  • Girl: Junah Jang

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