Muddy Monsters

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Three muddy monsters play in their yard. Ella plays everything with zest. She especially likes to play in the mud, but Esso, her twin, does not! Esso doesn't like to play in mud or take baths or do anything that will get him dirty, wet, or messy! And luckily, their older brother, Primo, who wants both of them to be happy, uses his creative ideas to help. He helps Esso play, even around the mud, and even finds ways to help Ella play in her excited way. Read along to see what creative ideas Primo will have to help his brother and sister.

Learning Concepts

Creativity , Empathy , Relationships

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Three muddy monsters playing in their yard.

Ella says “I hungry!” and muddy monsters charge!

“Snacks are in the kitchen!” calls Momma loud and clear.

“I’ll race you there!” “Yum!” “Let’s eat!” all three monsters cheer.

“No you don’t,” says Momma. “We wash before we eat.”

“You have to scrub those bellies, faces, hands, and muddy feet.

Hop on in. It’s time to scrub. All three monsters in the tub!”

Momma lowers Esso in. He’s grumpy when he’s wet. Primo tries out new ideas so Esso’s not upset.

Being silly, blowing bubbles, Ella causes lots more trouble.

Primo gets a good idea he thinks will do the trick.

Using Ella’s bubbles will make Esso happy quick.

Soapy monsters━so surprised!

Momma can’t believe her eyes!

Gently Momma rinses her creative little crew.

Wrapped up in their towels with bath time finally through.

So proud of her monsters, Momma gives them some ice cream.

Primo, Ella, Esso make a perfect monster team.

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  • Written and illustrated by: Jennie Palmer
  • Audio services by: Bang
  • Copy edited by: The Linguistic Edge


  • Narrator, Momma: Noelle Romano
  • Primo: Jackson Palmer
  • Ella: Natalie Foley
  • Esso: Lucian Middleton

Developed and Animated By