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It’s a cold and rainy morning when Hudson and his grandma wait for their bus to arrive. “Uhggg!” Hudson exclaims, feeling the wait is taking forever. But Grandma encourages him with “Lucky you! Now you’ve got time to discover something new. Look around. What do you see?” Hudson looks around, sees sidewalk tiles, and is inspired to imagine that they are big piano keys that he dances on to make music. Join Hudson as he comes up with creative ways to pass the time during every segment of his trip to school. What are some creative ways that you pass the time when you wait?

Learning Concepts

Creativity , Pretend Play , Patience

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One cold and rainy morning, Hudson and his grandmother stood waiting for their bus to arrive.
“Uhhh. The bus is taking forever.”
“Well, lucky you! Now you’ve got time to discover something new!”
“Like what?”
“You’ll come up with something to pass the time. Look around. What do you see?”
“Let me think. See the sidewalk tiles? Imagine if the sidewalk were a big piano and every time I took a step I could play it with my feet!”
“Listen to this, Grandma!”
“You’ve got some sweet moves there, Hudson.”
“I call this one the sidewalk shuffle!”
Let’s write a song together.

Hudson and Grandma were still dancing when the bus pulled up to their stop.
“The bus is here. Time flies when you sidewalk shuffle. Shall we?”
“After you.”

Hudson climbed onto the crowded bus and searched for a seat.
“Quick, over here, Grandma. Yes! Got a seat. How long before we get to school?”
“We’re going all the way to Fifth Avenue.”
“That’s going to take forever!”
“Lucky you! You’ll come up with something to pass the time. Look around. What do you see?”
“Let me think.”
“See that man with the newspaper? Imagine if he shared some of his newspaper with me. I’d make something splendiferous out of it! Let’s see. Fold it in half. It’s a triangle! Now for my next trick. Fold this corner halfway and push down. It looks funny now, but just you wait. Open up your paper. Pick up the corner, pinch, fold, and ta-da! A boat! Bye, boat!”
Let’s make more paper creations while we wait!

“This is Second Avenue.”
“Second Avenue. This is taking forever.”
“Lucky you! You’ll come up with something to pass the time. Look around. What do you see?”
“Let me think.”
“I see a woman with a bottle of seltzer water. Imagine if bubbles traveled out of the top of the bottle and filled the whole bus.
Bubbles! Ha-ha. Watch, no hands!”
Pop the bubbles with me!

“Third Avenue!”
“Third Avenue? That’s not our stop. I still have to wait.”
“Lucky you! You’ll come up with something to pass the time. Look around. What do you see?”
“Let me think. I see a girl with a book. Imagine if the words on the page jumped out of the book and into the air. I would reach out and take this word, and that word and now . . . I . . . can . . . write . . . with . . . words!”
Help me write some sentences to pass the time!

“This is Fourth Avenue!”
“One more stop.”
“I know, Grandma, lucky me. I’ll come up with something to pass the time. I’ll look around. What do I see? I see a woman with a BIG bag. Imagine if we got to play with those balloons! I would pick up a balloon and . . . make a giraffe! We need a head, twist! And since a head needs ears, twist, twist! And there you go! Next, giraffes have loooong necks. So, we’ll make a twist all the way down here. Make two bubbles here, then twist them together—front legs! And here’s a bubble for his body and twist—back legs! Giraffe!”
Help me make a zoo of balloon animals.

“This is Fifth Avenue!”
“We made it to our stop!”
“And school. Let’s go.”
“That was so quick. This whole imagining-while-you-wait thing really works to pass the time. Thanks, Grandma!”

Hudson stood with Grandma on the sidewalk in front of his school.
“That was the best bus ride ever.”
“Owen! Lily! You’ll never believe what I saw on my way to school.”
“Bye, Grandma. I’ll see you after school.”
“Bye, Hudson. I can’t wait to see what you imagine up on the bus ride home.”

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  • Written by: Craig Schatten
  • Illustrated by: Giovanna Medeiros
  • Voice direction and casting by: Ed Lewis
  • Audio services by: Bang
  • Copy edited by: The Linguistic Edge


  • Narrator: Craig Schatten
  • Hudson: Dylan Frankel
  • Grandma: Carin Gilfry
  • Bus Driver: Craig Schatten

Developed and Animated By