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Space , Robots
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Robot is looking for his robot friend, Melody. Her spaceship broke down somewhere in space, and he doesn’t know where to go to find her! But he’s resourceful…off he goes to try. Will you help? Think carefully in this interactive story, and your choices will help as Robot travels from one place in space to the other until he finds Melody.

Learning Concepts

Solar System , Cause and Effect , Problem Solving

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Oh, hi there. Have you seen my robot friend, Melody? I can’t find her anywhere. “Hi, Robot!” “Melody, where are you?” “I flew to space, but then my rocket broke. I can’t get home! Can you come help me get back to Earth?” We have to go help Melody fix her rocket! Should we take a rocket, a spaceship, or my jet boots?

Here we are in space! This is the moon. Is Melody stuck here? I don’t see her. I wonder if anyone here has seen her. Who should we ask? Should we ask the Astronaut in space, the Astronaut on the moon, or the alien in the crater?

Let’s see if Melody is on Venus. “Melody? Melody?” I don’t think Melody is stuck here. It’s too hot! Wow, I’m going to need to cool off before we look for Melody somewhere else. Should I use a glass of lemonade, a fan, or a sprinkler?

Let’s see if we can find Melody on Mars. “Melody!” “Melody!” “Melody!” “Melody!” “Robot! You’re here! You came to help me fix my rocket!” “I did! But what are you doing here?” “I came to find out all I can about Mars. Do you want to see what I found?” Melody found so many things! What should we take a closer look at? The rocks, the plant, or the rover?

“I need to get back to Earth so I can tell everyone about Mars! Will you help me fix my rocket? It broke into pieces when I landed here.” We need to help Melody put her rocket back together. Should we use space glue, super tape, or star gum?

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  • Written by: Amy Kraft
  • Illustrated by: Chris Gelles
  • Animated by: Dayna Gonzalez
  • Audio by: Bang
  • Copy edited by: The Linguistic Edge
  • Co-produced by: Jee Hae Lim (Kyowon)


  • Robot: Andrew Appel
  • Melody: Molly Flood
  • Alien: Christina Zagarino
  • Male Astronaut: Robert Hann
  • Female Astronaut: Noelle Millholt

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