The Haunted Party

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Monsters , Holidays
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What's a ghost to do come Halloween time? Why, host a party of course! One little ghost invites friends to his haunted house, and kids can count along as the party guests arrive: 2 spooky skeletons, 3 gruesome goblins, 4 wild werewolves . . . all the way up to 10, when 10 trick-or-treaters arrive. EEK! Who invited the children? The monsters tremble with fear of these cute Halloween spooks in this upside-down Halloween story.

Learning Concepts

Rhyming , Counting , Number Sequence

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It’s Halloween and what a night! The full moon shines. The bats take flight. Here at this haunted house 1 ghost Has been a very busy host, Preparing for a ton of fun.

At last the party has begun! The doorbell chimes some eerie notes, And to the door the ghost host floats.

2 spooky skeletons come in, With rattly bones and toothy grins, To boogie as the record spins At the haunted house of the ghost.

3 gruesome goblins, gross and green, With pointy ears that aren’t too clean, Enjoy some really mean cuisine At the haunted house of the ghost.

4 wild werewolves, very hairy, 5 vile vampires, super scary, Are apple bobbers extraordinary At the haunted house of the ghost

6 ghastly ghouls, who glare and gaze With creepy, sunken eyes ablaze, Are in a pumpkin-carving craze At the haunted house of the ghost.

7 mean monsters, crass and crude, Such party poopers acting rude, Are in a pumpkin-smashing mood At the haunted house of the ghost.

8 wretched witches, riding on brooms, 9 morbid mummies, risen from tombs, Kick up their heels in the dreadful rooms At the haunted house of the ghost

10 cute children, sunny and sweet, With smiling faces come to greet, Politely chanting, “trick or treat!” At the haunted house of the ghost

9 morbid mummies flee and hide. 8 wretched witches zoom outside. 7 mean monsters tremble with fear. 6 ghastly ghouls try to disappear. 5 vile vampires soar in flight. 4 wild werewolves howl in fright. 3 gruesome goblins quake and quiver. 2 spooky skeletons shake and shiver.

But who of them was frightened most? Not the ghost!

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  • Written and illustrated by: Iza Trapani


  • Narrator: Don Puglisi